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About Coral Anderson, RN


I began my life’s work in health care the day I turned 18…about 5 years after I began my life with acne.   

I remember when I was 21 years old a pediatric patient told me I must be a witch because I had a wart on my nose.  I made an appointment with a dermatologist the next day.  He removed the offensive irregularity with a scalpel and told me although he got rid of that one, more would show up.  He didn’t explain that it was not a wart, but rather sebaceous hyperplasia and that I had the type of skin prone to developing it.  I didn’t find out until being treated with the Skin Classic exactly what those ever increasing bumps were and how they could be easily treated.  As I continued to learn more about my own skin issues I realized I would like to help others have the positive experience I had. Looking better does make you feel better, and making people feeling better is health care.

Coral Anderson, RN

About the Skin Classic System


The Skin Classic is a low cost alternative to laser therapy using high frequency technology for the rapid treatment of minor skin irregularities such as broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, brown spots, fibromas, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, milia, blackheads and acne. Cherry angiomas or “blood spots” disappear immediately and hyper pigmented areas such as liver or "age spots” and small skin tags take only a few seconds. The healing time is relatively short, from a week to ten days for most irregularities and up to a few weeks for larger skin abnormalities such as fibromas and skin tags.




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